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Many business owners are frustrated by the traditional model of building a new website. It takes too much time, it costs too much money, and there aren’t any guarantees that the investment will pay off. We created a guided approach to digital marketing with our own process called the Galactic Adventure that helps you find higher quality customers who purchase more frequently.

The Station

We help you identify your goals, your primary customers and give you the identity and website that you need to start your marketing mission.

90 Day Mission

We provide you with a proven lead generation process that leverages key technology and our expertise to help chart your course to marketing success and qualifies lead generation over 90 days.

Flight School

We work along next to you to help you understand our efforts and act as your guide to implementing an ideal long-term strategy for scaling the lifetime value of your customers.

How we help businesses succeed and scale.

With a guided approach to digital marketing, we aim to bring your business to the pinnacle of success. Understanding online marketing and how to scale it is a lot like charting a mission, you need a defined strategy in place and a step-by-step process to get to your end goal.



We build online systems that help automate the flow of traffic to your website, grow your lead generation rates, and help your sales team grow.

Partner with Greater Galaxy and you’ll never feel lost in space with digital marketing. On our mission together, we’ll help you define your goals and provide you with the right tools to create a digital marketing approach that acquires customers at the lowest possible cost and builds a lifetime of value beyond imagination.

Fueling Up

Looking for the basics? Our fueling up plan is perfect for those looking for a marketing partner to manage paid media, build landing pages, and help lower your cost per acquisition. We tackle your Google AdWords campaigns with an incredible amount of thought and strategy, building detailed, data-driven campaigns that work.

Start my PPC campaign

Launch Sequence

Take lead generation a little further. You’ll be assigned a dedicated partner from our team to help you plan your mission, determine your sales cycle, rebuild your marketing funnels, and create an additional sales funnel every quarter.
As your guides in the digital marketing space, we’ll pilot your digital marketing strategy so you can have a relatively hands-off approach to generating and converting leads.

Start your launch sequence

Blast Off

If you have highly aggressive growth goals and want total world domination, you’ll need the combined expertise of our entire team.
This service provides you with a master-class marketing team working day and night on your behalf to reach your goals and leave the competition in your wake.
We build four 90-day funnels on top of each other every month, setting ambitious goals, managing your paid media campaigns, and providing ongoing consulting and maintenance. If you’re looking to grow fast, this plan will get you there.

Fire up the jets


At Greater Galaxy, our mission is to take your website to the top of search results.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

When it comes to SEO, the primary items we consider are the following:

  • Website Structure and Internal Links
  • Keyword Relevance and density
  • Website Content Relevance and Variety
  • External Site Links
  • Social References
  • Business Citations and Directory Listings

Just like our lead generation services, our SEO services have a similar roadmap. We start with a 90 day action plan that includes comprehensive research into how your website stacks up against the competition and what your customers are searching for. We determine which searches your business wants to reach, and we build a plan to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Our seo Packages

We're always happy to customize our packages

Terminal Velocity

If you’re having trouble getting started, or just need someplace to start on your journey, this package is for you. One of our expert SEO artists will research your current ranking extensively, identify opportunities to improve your search engine rankings and create a content strategy and social strategy to start improving your positions slowly over time and start driving traffic to your site.

With this package, we include business directory citations to get your name out there, simple social media management, and three blog articles every month to help your customers find a reliable resource for their questions. Monthly reporting will let you see how your site is performing against the 10 key phrases we track for you through this campaign.

Light Speed

Sometimes you need to reach your destination a little faster. Our light speed package kicks up the journey to a new pace. You’ll have monthly meetings with one of our consultants to analyze your SEO strategy, a more aggressive blog and content creation campaign. User Experience analysis to help determine minor site improvements, business citation metrics, social media management and call tracking to determine which efforts are resulting in more calls to your business.

Ludicrous Speed

“What’s a matter Colonel Sanders? Chicken?”

For the seriously ambitious, our Ludicrous Speed package contains a series of services that will totally jam your competition in search results.

Our Ludicrous Speed package includes:

  • Highly comprehensive competitor analysis
  • In-depth keyword research
  • A content strategy with a baker's dozen of blog articles every month
  • Social media strategy and management with our growth engine
  • Business Citations with Response Metrics
  • Call tracking for different resource
  • Ad management and paid media discounts, advanced User Experience testing and website improvements.

With this package you may need to upgrade your website hosting to accommodate more traffic in just a few months.

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