Responsive Design

 if you don’t have a responsive website yet it’s time to jump-ship and report to Jupiter station. We’ll overhaul your site so it performs beautifully on any devise.

Content Marketing

Every year customers become more educated. By educating your customers, and answering their questions in strategic ways, we can help you become an authority in your industry and rocket your business ahead of the competition.

Disruptive Design

Our designers are innovative and groundbreaking. Give us the chance, and we will do everything in our power to help your business shine brighter than the stars.

Brand Identity

If you’re not ready to give up your outdated design, or allow us the creative freedom to help your brand flourish, then you've come to the wrong place.

Conversion Driven E-commerce

We partner with Bigcommerce to bring you the best in design, development, and structure for selling your products online.

Collaborative Project Development

Do you have a web-based business idea? We work with many entrepreneurs by exchanging equity for helping dreams come true.


greater galaxy
takes off

Our mission begins on a small blue planet called Earth, in a town known as Madison, WI.  

We've found our passion by helping business owners like you reach for the stars. 

Whatever your industry, our other-worldly experience helps us to adapt to the task at hand.  

Providing inbound marketing solutions that generate revenue, reduce costs and increase brand awareness for businesses in Madison, WI is what we do. 

We meet face-to-face with every one of our clients to gain a better understanding of their company culture and help them embrace who they really are. 

Greater Galaxy works with you to make dreams come true through stories and design.

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