What is SEO?


It’s highly improbable that you live in today’s society and haven’t heard the word “Google.”

“Where’s the best restaurant in town?”

“Google it.”

“How do I get to your house?”

“Google it.”

“What banking institution should I use for my business?”

“I don’t know, have you Googled it?”

Google is a staple for any industry, and search engine optimization is the art of getting priority listings on the coveted search engine we all know to help you market your business. There’s a few other search engines that we should consider prioritising for, but they’re slightly less used, and less well known.

It’s easy to say something along the lines of “let’s get your website to the top of Google searches.” However, the implementation is something else entirely. Luckily for you and your business, the Greater Galaxy team devotes a large portion of our time on understanding the latest methods and techniques of how to drive high search engine rank positions and solidify your business in traffic-generating areas.

Our SEO services start with detailed audits and a close look at your online competition.

The art of search engine optimization has many facets. To gather a deep understanding of what your individual needs are, we conduct in-depth site audits to assess your own website’s on-page performance to determine whether we need to start with the basics or move to more advanced procedures. Our onsite audit looks at every aspect of your website and finds technical issues such as missing metadata, broken links, performance benchmarks, and just about every other potentially critical issue that could be resulting in poor search engine rank positions (also known as SERPs).

Aside from potential on-page problems, your website traffic is often heavily influenced by other online competitors in your industry. We take a look at your most successful competition and reverse engineer their strategies to provide you with a powerful and tailored plan to build your online presence.

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